The Library of Congress has included the website of the project KARAGODIN Investigation in its online catalog

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The Library of Congress has included the website of the project KARAGODIN Investigation in its online catalog as a source of historical significance, which was created digitally and has never been printed on paper!

Washington, USA / Tomsk, Russia / Internet – March 24, 2023


The Library of Congress has included the website of the project of KARAGODIN Investigation – KARAGODIN.ORG in its online catalog. The website has been created for the systematization, cataloging, and subsequent preservation of important cultural, historical, and socio-political sources of historical significance, which were created digitally and have never been printed on paper.

Details and procedures

The negotiations took place over the last month and have finally come to a successful result. All necessary agreements have been signed by both parties.

The website is already available in the Library’s online catalog.

Access to the fund is open.

It has been assigned an inventory and registration number: e1003292.

The website is qualified as a “database” of the catalog of digital resources containing texts and images (under the topics “independent research”, “history”, “government publications and documents”) and is assigned to the European Reading Room of East European Studies.

Within a year, all the materials of the KARAGODIN.ORG website will be automatically copied by the Library for reliable backup to avoid accidental or sudden loss of data.

The original website, KARAGODIN.ORG, will continue to work in its regular mode; the Library will only periodically create its up-to-date backup copy and securely store it in its repository.

Our assessment of the event

We look upon such interest in the project KARAGODIN Investigation – KARAGODN.ORG as a success and a great achievement for us; it is a true recognition (at the global, international level) of the significance and value of the entire project.

The Library of Congress is the leading – and in many ways the main – library of the world and the main archive on our planet.

It is the highest and the most desired assessment for any project, to be recognized by the experts as an important historical source worth being saved in the Library funds.

We are proud and happy to receive this recognition and become part of the global knowledge base!

Current state

Now, the project KARAGODIN Investigation – KARAGODIN.ORG is presented in the catalog of the Library of Congress as follows:


KARAGODIN Investigation




KARAGODIN.ORG is a Russian independent research project by Denis KARAGODIN, who has spent almost a decade compiling a meticulous record of evidence about the murder of his great-grandfather by Soviet dictator Josef STALIN‘s secret police, by running a website that lists, by name, every individual he deems complicit. The collection is an active murder investigation of a peasant named Stepan KARAGODIN, who was shot by the NKVD of the USSR on January 21, 1938 in the Siberian city of Tomsk. The resource is dedicated to collecting information from official Russian documents of the Ministry of Defense, the FSB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the General Military and Regional Prosecutor’s Offices, multiple political outlets and online resources, and municipal and private archival collections. There is a heightened public interest in the investigation, as many such executions occurred during the Stalinist Purges. To date, Denis has received an apology from a granddaughter of one of the executioners.”

Permanent Link:

Future possibilities

Denis Karagodin, CEO KARAGODIN Investigation – KARAGODIN.ORG

“For one of the Russian projects, the successful cultural and institutional integration into the world civilization (in the context of the shattering and dramatic socio-political events of 2022–2023 in the history of the Russian Federation) is an important achievement, and also a good example for all Russian civil grassroots initiatives that continue to work in the country.

We are glad to make a feasible contribution to this process.

Cultural and international cooperation, integration, exchange of research findings, and respect for international agreements and commitments allow for steady development and value-based self-identification of any modern society.

Only through international, cross-cultural interpenetration and interaction, with respect for basic human and civil rights, strictly following the rule of law (and not confronting or opposing it), Russia has prospects for a dignified existence and development in the future.

Let it be our contribution, however small, to the foundation of our home which we will call “World” and “Peace”!”

Denis Karagodin, CEO

KARAGODIN Investigation

March 24, 2023

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Решаемая задача [ сейчас ] – поднятие из российских архивов данных сотрудников НКВД и политического руководства СССР, принимавших участие в массовых убийствах 1937-1938 годов.

Помогите нам продолжать работу в экстремально сложных условиях современной России